The Three Guys Podcast

Interview with Podcaster Christopher Suarez

May 27, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 11
The Three Guys Podcast
Interview with Podcaster Christopher Suarez
Show Notes

Episode 11 begins with Brett asking Brian and Derek if there was any one leader in the world they could work for who would it be?  They discuss leadership qualities and interview Christopher Suarez host of the podcast "The Autocast".   

Christopher Suarez is the host of The Autocast - A podcast where friends, artists, creators, business owners and everyone in between come to share their stories.  In this episode he discusses how his podcast is a way for him to learn from others, elevate people, and how it acts as his own personal diary.  He dives into to his journey from Lawrence, Ma down to Jacksonville, FL and how this was a period of personal growth for him.  He talks about his relationship with his parents, parents divorce, depression, working on his mental/physical health, training in Jiu Jitsu, and consistently going to the gym which he contributes to keeping himself on the right path.  He dives in mental and physical wellness and some of the jobs he has held over the years including being a mechanic, car salesman, and cook. 

Chris tells The Three Guys about a co-workers near death experience that led him to begin training to become a EMT.  He talks about his time working at the movie theater for Derek, the great memories,  and how it was one of his favorite jobs.   We end with Barbara asking Chris some up-close and personal questions on love. 

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