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Mario Sagastume - Shoe Designer | Painting & Design

June 03, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 12
The Three Guys Podcast
Mario Sagastume - Shoe Designer | Painting & Design
Show Notes
Brian asks The Three Guys if you could do your dream job for a day what would it be?  They interview shoe designer/painting and designer Mario Sagastume.

Mario Sagastume is a shoe designer that has worked for well known brands such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.  He discovered his talent in High School while attending an art class which ultimately led to him attending the Mass College of Art & Design.  He would then work for several well known brands including a school project for New Balance.  He's worked alongside some of the elites in shoe design that came from Nike to Adidas.  One of his most well known shoe was the Trail Runner 2000.  Mario took his talents to Miami working for another lessor known designer and ended shortly thereafter due to their lack of creativity and thinking outside the box.   Mario discusses hitting rock bottom, what led him to starting his own painting and design company, designing his own shoes, a Tik Tok video he posted that went viral, and his own personally designed paint brush that will be hitting the market soon.

Mario's Contact Info:
Facebook: (2) Saga Painting & Design | Facebook
Instagram: Mario Sagastume (@sagadesignz) • Instagram photos and videos | Saga Painting & Design (@sagapaintinganddesign) • Instagram photos and videos
Website:  Saga Painting and Design - Painter - Pembroke Pines, Florida

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