The Three Guys Podcast

Sean Turi - NY Portrait Photographer

June 10, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 13
The Three Guys Podcast
Sean Turi - NY Portrait Photographer
Show Notes

The guys start the episode about how time goes by quick and reminisce about the old days.  Derek tells a story about his fancy Italian shoes.  Brian quizzes Derek on who will be this years Stanley Cup Champion.  They interview NY Portrait Photographer Sean Turi.

Sean Turi is a New York portrait photographer.  In this episode Sean talks growing up in upstate NY, power lifting, moving to NYC, modeling, getting scouted by a model agency, the moment he decided to become a photographer, and his new business endeavor with virtual shoots.  Throughout the episode he talks of becoming resourceful in order to make ends meet including sacrificing meals so that he could develop his photography business.  He provides insight to those wanting become a photographer, working with Broadway actors/actresses, advice to actors/models when they research photographers, how he approaches each client he works with, and pursuing the right dream.  Sean tells of being a human personality, the importance of his family, Sean Turi podcast, and how he is developing his business including virtual shoots. 

The Three Guys and Sean end with some fun talking UFO's. 

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