The Three Guys Podcast

Kerry Dunne - Senior Event Manager

June 17, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 14
The Three Guys Podcast
Kerry Dunne - Senior Event Manager
Show Notes

The Three Guys are joined by co-host Jennifer Pesicka.  Derek asks Brian and Jennifer "What historical figure would you want to bring back to do a podcast interview with?"  They interview Senior Event Manager Kerry Dunne. 

Kerry Dunne is a Senior Event Manager for a prominent hotel brand.  She specializes in  Event Management/Logistics/Food and Beverage/Leadership.  Kerry was raised in London for 12 years before her mother moved them to Ireland.  She tells the story of how covering a shift for a colleague one night at a restaurant led to a chance opportunity that ultimately led her to San Diego, CA.  She talks about participating in the management development program for the hotel, and the differences she encountered between here and Ireland/London.   Kerry dives into moving up the corporate ladder, her advice for women in leadership, current role as Senior Event Manager, goals, starting her Masters Degree, and most importantly her thankfulness to her Mother.  Kerry talks Comic-Con and her responsibilities when it comes to town as it's the biggest and most well known one around. The episode ends with some of Kerry's favorite Marvel characters and movies.

Kerry's Contact Info:
LinkedIn:  Kerry Dunne

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