The Three Guys Podcast

Chris Hatfield - Host of Podcast

July 01, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 16
The Three Guys Podcast
Chris Hatfield - Host of Podcast
Show Notes

On Episode 16 The Three Guys debate if you had one superpower what would that power be and why? They interview Chris Hatfield host of the Podcast.

Chris Hatfield is the host of Podcast - the most comprehensive discussion of the Red Sox minor league farm system on the Web.  Chris is a graduate of Brown University, and attended The University of Virginia for Law School. 

Chris began his journey into covering sports when he became Sports Editor for Brown University.  He tells how collecting baseball cards as a kid was his first step into player analytics.  He discusses his internship for a local newspaper The Eagle Tribune, working in the Sports Information Department for Brown, and how becoming a paralegal for a law office connected him to the individual who runs  Chris tells how he originally discovered when he was playing MLB on Nintendo Game Cube and uploading stats for players.  Chris would go onto writing stories for a page dedicated to the Boston Red Sox minor league which ultimately led to becoming the host of the Podcast.  He breaks down the 4 levels of the minor leagues (Portland Sea Dogs, Greenville Drive, Salem Red Sox, Worcester Red Sox), talks ranking the top 60 prospects in the farm system, player analytics, behind the scene look into scouting, international scouting (the Dominican Summer League), past trades, cap space, the Mookie Betts trade, and some funny stories he's had along the way as a journalist.  The Three Guys talk with Chris about advice he would give to others looking to do what he does, a lesson he learned from an old coach he had in high school, and continuing the growth of his podcast.  They end with some fun questions for Chris.

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