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Elizabeth Hopkins - News Anchor for Fox25 in Boston

July 08, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 17
The Three Guys Podcast
Elizabeth Hopkins - News Anchor for Fox25 in Boston
Show Notes

Brian puts the guys to a test with his Pizza Quiz.  They interview Elizabeth Hopkins News Anchor for Fox25 in Boston.   

Elizabeth Hopkins is a TV Broadcast Journalist for the Fox25 morning show ensemble team in Boston.  The Three Guys put Elizabeth to the test with some fun questions to start the episode.  Who Elizabeth's favorite rapper is? Does she like s'mores? Brian breaks out his pizza quiz.   

Elizabeth kicks the episode into gear discussing successful failure, hitting obstacles before you reach success, our biggest lessons are learnt through painful experiences, and how its beneficial in understanding why we specifically want that thing.  Elizabeth discusses pressures we put on ourselves to succeed in a certain way, living our lives adjusting and matching others, frustrations of children being told to forget what they want, emotional sobriety, living with intention and purpose, her faith, and being a child advocate.  She poses the questions:  Is this something I'm supposed to do? Am I doing it right or is it just time?  The episode keeps rolling with discussions on mental health, covering the Newtown shooting, emotional buffering, advocating for yourself, and why Local News is so important. 

The episode ends with whether Elizabeth's local supermarket plays good music, her favorite 80's movie, and she teases the listeners with some upcoming initiatives she has on the way.

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The children in the Hopkins family learn from an early age that they are the direct descendants of the largest family on the Mayflower. At a later age, they learn...that was just the tipple talking. In a family where pilgrim trivia is abundant, where Cape Code is considered holy ground, and where children share names with passengers aboard the Mayflower, settling in the Commonwealth is a forgone conclusion.

Elizabeth Hopkins is a member of the morning ensemble at Fox25 in Boston. She comes here from Providence, Rhode Island. At WRPRI, she anchored the morning and noon shows and co-hosted The Rhode Show, a lifestyle and entertainment program. Before that, she spent several years at WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin, where she anchored and reported daily. There, she garnered an Emmy nod for her piece on "bug chasing," a term which refers to those seeking HIV infection. Prior to working in Madison, she anchored the evening news at KNBN in Rapid City, South Dakota. She began her career at KAUN in Sioux Falls.

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