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Felicia Pinckney - Founding Partner of Take Flight Strategies | US Army Veteran | Mother

July 22, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 19
The Three Guys Podcast
Felicia Pinckney - Founding Partner of Take Flight Strategies | US Army Veteran | Mother
Show Notes

Barbara makes her return to the podcast as co-host.  Surprise guest Shaun Judge joins with his very own "Pick One" questions and puts Derek to the test.  They interview US Army Veteran and Founding Partner of Take Flight Strategies Felicia Pinckney. 

Felicia Pinckney is a US Army Veteran. She is also the Founding Partner of Take Flight Strategies a project management firm with a focus on launching small businesses and invigorating existing companies.  They offer hands-on client focused professional support by utilizing project-based strategic concepts and progressive action plans created specifically for you.  They help launch and grow your business.

Felicia currently resides in Massachusetts and was born in Florida.  She talks about growing up in the 80's during the crack epidemic, and not having a parental figure around.  Felicia shares very personal stories as a child moving in with her god parents at the age of 5 and then at the age of 8 living with her Grandmother.  She tells how the years spent with her grandmother was where she learned and was taught everything she needed to be a woman in America, and were the best lessons of her life.  She owes everything to her grandmother Louise Pinckney.  Being the oldest in the family and having to grow up so fast and quick Felicia found herself in charge, taking care of her sisters and brother.  At age 14 she got a paper route job to support her family and ensure all the kids had new shoes for school, and always had gifts for Xmas.  If she didn't flourish then how could they.  Felicia tells of how she knew there was more for her, and that college was in her sights.  She goes on to provide advice to those who are going through what she did as a child, and adults doing their part to give them their grace, love, support, and continuing to challenge them.  She also explains how the arts particularly music and poetry were an outlet for her.  She goes on to talk about her time in Afghanistan, therapy for herself and others, having a baby and being a mother, her daughter coming first, working for the Red Sox Foundation MGH Home Base Program, developing the very first "Best Warrior Competition", project management, Take Flight Education, and being the founder of her own company Take Flight Strategies.   They ask her if her local grocery store plays good music.   

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