The Three Guys Podcast

Marie Vizza - Traveler | Classically Trained Dancer | F1 Fan

August 19, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 23
The Three Guys Podcast
Marie Vizza - Traveler | Classically Trained Dancer | F1 Fan
Show Notes

The guys recap their episode on autism.  They interview Marie Vizza.

Marie Vizza is a Traveler, Account Manager, and Classically Trained Dancer.  She's a regular girl with an F1 addiction, world traveler, dog rescuer, pickle connoisseur, movie quoter, hot sauce lover, playlist curator, 4 time fantasy football champion, and a lifetime love for the Pittsburgh Steelers.   

Marie is a native of Pennsylvania and currently resides in Boston.  She is a graduate of Penn State with a BS Degree in Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management.  Her job by trade is an Account Manager handling lead sourcing for insurance companies but in her spare time she is a frequent traveler that loves a good getaway.  Growing up Marie was heavily involved in classical dance.  She would then move on to become a Cheerleader for a professional sports team.   Marie goes on to talk travel, relationships, her Cuba dilemma, her love and appreciation for her Mom & Dad, and her addiction to F1 Racing.  The episode ends with some movie quote questions and "pick ones".   

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