The Three Guys Podcast

Lisa Finelli Fallon - Co-Founder & CEO of Boston Cannabis Week

August 26, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 24
The Three Guys Podcast
Lisa Finelli Fallon - Co-Founder & CEO of Boston Cannabis Week
Show Notes

The Three Guys talk how end of summer is upon us.  Business Chats with BNaz on the horizon.  They interview Lisa Finelli Fallon from Boston Cannabis Week.  Felicia Pinckney also joins. 

Lisa Finelli Fallon is a Co-Founder & CEO of Boston Cannabis Week.  We jump right into it with Lisa and how she started Boston Cannabis Week.  Lisa talks about her own personal use with cannabis,  the success it has with cancer patients, and how it all began when she had a chance meeting with someone while working as a booking agent at Hard Rock.  She talks the cannabis plant, CBD, creams, and gummies.  How Cannabis has moved from being illegal to legal in many States, why it's taken so long for it to happen, and why it's not federalized.   Lisa expresses what she loves most about her journey, working alongside friends and the people who have supported her the most.  The companies growth and hiring are discussed.   Lisa breaks down the week of events for Boston Cannabis Week including BCW Classic - Golf Tournament,  Fashion on Fire, Block Party, Education & Cuisine, Health & Wellness, and BCW Scholarship.  She tells of how BCW Beyond came about which is their creative & design agency.  They work both in & out of the client space including social media marketing, packaging, signs, brand development, and more.  Lisa tells of her aim to be inclusive, how it attracts people from all across the country, education, and what the goals are for BCW.   

Boston Cannabis Week - September 20-26, 2021

Boston Cannabis Week launched in September 2019 as New England's first week of events geared toward cannabis professionals, consumers and innovators. With a focus on education, health & wellness, art & music, networking, fashion, cuisine and sports, we aim to create programming that is inclusive and comprehensive.

Since it's inception, BCW has expanded to a full program of virtual and in person events in addition to content development and marketing services offered through our creative agency, BCW Beyond. Our work includes creative design, branding, marketing, website development, social media marketing, media buying, packaging, signage and staff training for brands within or ancillary to the cannabis industry.

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