The Three Guys Podcast

Nancy Howe - Bowenwork Practitioner

October 28, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 27
The Three Guys Podcast
Nancy Howe - Bowenwork Practitioner
Show Notes

The Three Guys interview Nancy Howe of Balanced Bowenwork.   They are also joined by Guest Co-Host Jennifer Pesicka.

Nancy Howe:
As a Bowenwork Practitioner, I provide a unique, gentle form of bodywork. Bowenwork addresses many needs and is appropriate for everyone, from infants to the elderly, from structural issues to chronic illness and neurological disorders.

I offer free 15 minute consults by phone or in person, to see if Bowenwork is the right choice for you!

You can also find Nancy on YouTube: Drinks with Destiny Moon.
Drinks with Destiny Moon - YouTube

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