The Three Guys Podcast

Briana Betts - Owner of Cactus and Cone

November 04, 2021 Brett, Brian, Derek Season 1 Episode 28
The Three Guys Podcast
Briana Betts - Owner of Cactus and Cone
Show Notes

The Three Guys are joined by guest co-host Jennifer Pesicka and Marie Vizza.  They interview Briana Betts owner of Cactus and Cone.  

About Bri:
Cactus and Cone is a company sprouted from my interest in events through many years of craft cocktail bartending and serving in Boston. I attended Suffolk University in 2016 to receive a Bachelors Degree in Advertising to better unify these passions. Since graduation, I have worked alongside restaurants and event companies to assist in branding as well as executing large and small scale events.

As I moved from my small farm to live in the city, my love of the outdoors adjusted to a passion for house plants and fresh cut flowers. In every event, I attempt to incorporate a piece of the outdoors. I’ve always loved how greenery can warm up even the coldest spaces. I love how no matter how old the tradition of gifting flowers may be it — will never go out of style. 

Designer for Cocktails, Floristry, Event Decor, Calligraphy Signage for Events and Websites + Logo Design with social media management/Content creation. I work for Wedding Planners as an assistant or as a vendor.
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